Tips to Protect your Sunglasses

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Sunglasses are easy to get, but difficult to maintain. As said it can be tough, protects your eyes, looks cool. But it still has to be protected for a good life. Frames and lenses are delicate; they are sensitive. It needs one tough maintenance to pass the test of time. Sunglasses prove to be tough, but our negligence can still cause damage.

  1. Two hand Rule

            The utmost rule; use two hands to remove glass and to put them back. Removing in single hand may look cool; but it’s not. Removing in single hand will loosen up the frame and it’ll get disoriented.

  1. Use the case

The case! the case! the case! The sole purpose of a case is to handle the glass. Sunglasses are not meant to be kept or thrown just like that. And moreover you’ll not forget the place of your glass once it’s in the case.

Rinse the lens

            The lesne is the most delicate part of the glass. Rinse it with care. Make sure, not to use any random dry cloth to clean it. Clean it with water. You can definitely use lens cleaners for better results. Use microfiber optical cleaning cloth to be smooth.

  1. Never put on your head

            For God sakes, don’t put on your head. The hair and dust particles hurt the lens more. And if the hair is oily, then you can realize how bad the lens will go. Glass on head trend is no more, and personally it’s a bad choice.

  1. Don’t touch the nose piece

            The easy way to adjust a glass is by pressing near the nose. Don’t do that from now. It can change the dimension of the nose buds, and may often lead to pain. It makes a mark in your nose as well.

  1. Store in a proper place

            Other than keeping in glass case, place it in proper way. Not always you can keep in a case. Sometimes you have to keep in different places. Be careful while placing them. Don’t let the lens touch the ground.

  1. No Chemicals

            Chemicals are sure to make damage to the glass. It could be lens or the frame color. Keep your hands clean while handling the glass. Make sure you don’t touch the glass, with chemicals in hand.

  1. Service it once/twice a year

Glasses become best, when serviced. It has lots of minute places, made to be handled by the experts. Tighten and clean the glass using professionals.

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