Iconic Glasses in Tamil Cinema

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Where do general audience turn when they need a new stylish makeover? Celebrities and their film characters of course! They are style icons to look forward to. They create style trends. And there are a lot of iconic characters in Tamil cinema that are synonymous with glass. Eyeglass have made the character unique and distinct.

These are the iconic eyeglasses that created waves in Tamil Cinema and won’t be forgotten that soon


            An iconic eyeglass list without Baashaa! No way! There have been gangster films earlier, but this was an epic saga. How can someone forget Baashha Bhai’s eyeglass? It refined swag with authority.

Baashha was monumental; there were numerous high voltage clash scenes. But the confrontation scene with a menacing villain like Mark Anthony was just litt. His glasses were phenomenal as well.


            This is definitely not another gangster saga. It was rise and fall of a man and his legacy. Inspired from, the Godfather; the nayakar character is once in a blue moon character to Tamil cinema.

Nayakar’s transition and ageing were flawlessly portrayed with those glasses. Glasses for a middle-aged man to old age; it was impeccable. Moreover, glasses changed the look of the character, showed the graceful ageing in a compelling way.


            An uber cool remake of a classic. It reconceptualized the style quotient and brought a Hollywood like action drama to Tamil Cinema. All the characters in the film had shades on, almost in all scenes. A chic glass can inarguably elevate the standard of the scene.


            Theri is a story of a cop and his avatars. It was swag and colorful throughout. Three types of glasses made it to the screen. And it was nothing short of glorious.


            The elite satirical comedy film of all time. Probably first dark comedy in Tamil Cinema. A liberal and literal take on Tamil Nadu politics. Nagaraja cholan the epic villain was hilarious with the wisecrack. And his glasses were a cherry atop the pile. Think of Nagaraja Cholan without glasses now! Weird right? That’s how integral the glass was to the character.


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